Celebrity Caught Nude Bloopers And Hazards

I have been thinking of becoming a paparazzi and was glad to get a chance to chat with my old friends who worked as a paparazzi before and they all shared to me their stories about celebrity caught nude bloopers and hazards.

They told me that it was not easy being a paparazzi because you got to be ready to risk your health and even your life by doing so. If you get caught taking pics of celebrity nude boobs that weren’t allowed then you could be beaten up by her bodyguards or even her boyfriend. My friend Karl worked for a gossip show before, but he quit because he said he got into a bad accident. He slipped into a 5-story building just to get some celebrity nude images of Lindsey Lohan. He told me that she was the easiest target for the paparazzi because she was always out in clubs partying. He showed me some of the celebrity nude images he got that were not showed on TV because they were blurred, but he assured me that the celeb on the pic was the real deal. I was a little shocked with that because I didn’t know that this actress can be really naughty. LOL.

My other friend who was also a paparazzi told me that he had a lot of funny moments with celebrity caught nude. He would hide behind trees and gets peed by a dog while taking pic of the celeb or bitten by bees. He also got inside a woman’s bathroom and got hit by the older ladies. He said the classic thing he did just to get a good shot of celebrity nude boobs was to pretend to be an older lady and ask help from these celebs in picking up his cane and take a quick shot of her boobs as she bends and even her ass. LOL. He was one crazy guy, but he enjoyed his job a lot. Now it is up to me if I want to take a risk or be safe. I think I would choose the first one.

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